To All Chinese Friends And Relatives

Happy & prosperous New Year to All – Year of the Rabbit

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15 Ways to win Time

1. To arrange things to do according to priority , arrange the task properly a night ago.

2. To set a good example  by  planning every day ‘s task earlier – wake up earlier by 15 minutes or half an hour.

3. Before kick off a day’s job get ready all the info. to avoid time wasted on finding the info.

4. To do the most difficult task first upon efficiency of your ability.

5. Build up your imaginary opinion, agreement….in your file ( computer data file,H/P data , office working data) habitual event.Even though is over but can assist you to remember.Especially  thing that has agreed to do there is nothing worse than forget to carry out the task.

6. To train to read fast.If your reading speed can double or treble,that means you can raise the efficiency of your work,there is many books that can help you.

7. Make use of your free time to do something useful for example : If the person that you have make appointment to meet comes late you can use this times to read some books or viewing your file .Make full use of your time to analyze your problem etc.

8. Control your phone call, don’t waste time on unwanted call such as call from product promotion & work unrelated call. keep your call short prepare all relevant thing before you answer a call such as paper,pen & other relevant info.

9. Avoid unnecessary meeting, select meeting time before lunch hour or before time to leave the office so that everybody is acting fast at the moment.

10. If you want to meet a person who is very talkative, keep yourself standing in stead of sitting down so that he can go straight to the point.

11. If you are not in a good form rest for a while. have a cup of coffee or even straight your body to recover back your form.

12. To take some time for deep thinking. Every day spare a little moment to investigate your pace in the work to see how to improve your working environment thus getting tips for better output.

13. To avoid delay in decision making, set a due date time to overcome this problem.

14. Neglect some unimportant thing,make full use of your precious moment to achieve more important tasks.

15. To make yourself busy is not the right way to work. Sometimes you can authorize somebody  to carry out the job and distribute the job to different group of people in Teamwork that’s to Win Time.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Talking about Something to share



Something to share

Teaming to Passion – Challenge & Aaha is our key words to energise us to success.
Team Power, Team Work (knowing your roles and responsibilities to support the Team).
Team Support (Willingness to ENCOURAGE Others to do well!). – I SUPPORT YOU!
On our mind – No failures! It’s wrong result.To change Strategy.
Remember to say" Today is a Great day" to boost ourself!
Declare WAR on negative thoughts – Be a mental warrior.
Team leadership – Bringing out the BEST in Others – facilitating Change.
A Super Leader inspires people to have Confidence in themselves…. not in him.
WOW! – Achieve Extraordinary Performance … not expected.
COMMITMENT to do well and Achieve XO Results!
LEADERSHIP Empower ability  to RECOGNISE,ENCOURAGE,APPRECIATE and MOTIVATE others so that to achieve team GOALS & TARGET.
For Things to Change – I MUST CHANGE FIRST!
COURAGE to conquere my FEARS by taking ACTIONS!
WORDS HAVE POWER! – so choose your words and thoughts.
STOPS! complaints, blame, excuses, gossips.
STRATEGY – A series of ideas that you communicate to achieve a certain RESULTS!
Be BIG HEART Attitude
"Everytime you look at the above messages,they will ENPOWER you to be more successful"
To have GOOD QUALITY of TEAM LEADERSHIP One must equipped with these:- 1. RECOGNISE others good points 2. ENCOURAGE others to right track. 3. APPRECIATE others good results and 4.MOTIVATE members to success. 
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Japan Sakura Tour 2010

It’s my pleasure to share with all my friends & relatives who have visited my blog –  the excitement & thrill during my 10 days  Sakura Tour in Japan recently from 2.4.2010 to 11.4.2010.
We arrived & landed at Fukuoka Airport aboard Singapore Airline B777 200 on 3.4.2010(@0830hrs local time. Japan time is One hr ahead of Malaysia time.
The places of interest & tourist spots are mostly to see & appreciate the blossoming of Sakura starting from Island of Kyushu in South of Japan until the Tokyo Sakura Park in Tokyo City of Honshu Island.The total distance covered approximately 2000km.
The main Parks we had visited are:- Umi Jigoku, Peace memorial Park in Hiroshima,Himeji Castle in Kobe,Osaka Castle in Osaka, Nara Temple in Nara (old capital of Japan),Kiyomizu temple near Kyoto,Love stone, Heian Shrine,Maruyama Koen, Todaiji temple & Tokyo Sakura Park situated at centre part of Tokyo.
Other places of interest are Nagasaki City whereas the second atomic bomb hit the city on August 6 ,1118 hrs 1945, we visited the monument park.
Other cities and towns are Beppu, Hamamatsu,Hakone,Kyoto,Kobe, Mt Fuji & Yokohama near Tokyo bay.
Everywhere we visited there are blossoming of Sakura with huge crowd of local people & tourists.
I like Japan because it is very clean everywhere it’s hardly for you to see a single piece of paper on the street not to mention rubbish. I really appreciate the culture and behaviour of Japanese & they are one of most polite people in this World.

We stayed 8 nights in Japan 1.Best western Premier Hotel in Nagasaki, 2.Beppuwan Royal Hotel in Beppu, 3.Hiroshima Prince Hotel in Hiroshima, 4. Two Nights in Cross Hotel in Osaka, 5. Okura Act City Hotel in Hamamatsu, Fuji Mihana Hotel in Yamanaka near Mt. Fuji & 6. Narita Marroad Intl Hotel near Narita Airport before back home.Our Tour leader is Mr.Siaw & Full time tourist guide is Tehsan from Apple Travel KL. Thank for their great job  – Well done & Cheer to them. We all enjoyed this Sakura Trip & looking for another great place to visit in near future.
Japanese Food is a new experience for me to taste eventually I can feel I like to taste it during my last few days in Japan.

The first time to taste the most expensive beef – Kobe beef 200gm for 7500 yen (approx. RM 287)
This trip to Japan is really to fullfil my dream since I last visited Japan (only in Tokyo,Hakone & Mt Fuji)  some 25 years ago.

Another thing I would like to share with you is on my our way back home we are proud to aboard Singapore Airline Airbus A380 – 800 aircraft (biggest commercial aircraft in the World ) from Narita Airport to Singapore.

 I would like to share with you more in my next chapter of blog soon.
Thank you for reading my blog

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12 days working in KL (Puchong Jaya) for HSBB Projects

I hope it is a blessing for me to work in different enviroment outside Sarawak.
I was nominated  & selected to work in AND MSC KL to assist them to complete HSBB projects in the LNMS system.
We are supposed to report to En Adenan Ramli GM Kawasan Tengah ND on 7.9.09.
We (Robin, Fu, Robert & Leonard) went to AND office at Bkt Mahkamah opposite Wisma Olympia Jln Raja Chulan.
but he was not available (attend another meeting) the briefing was cancelled.
We requested the staff there to bring us to AND office MSC .
The AND MSC is at Kinrara Exchange Bandar Puchong Jaya which is at Puchong road/old klang road.
We started working on . Four of us fetching a Taxi from TMTC to Kinrara exchange cost us RM 25 per trip.
take us about 40 min from TMTC to Puchong Jaya.
There are 2 rows of  shophouses 10 min walk from the exchange and 2 Chinese shops so Chinese food for breakfast & lunch
is available.
I was reported to Fundamental Manager Noraishah and Siti Fatimah (exe) with Mdm Teoh Tay Wah the only Chinese there as my
Fundamental staff.
We visited some of our HSBB sites at Puchong areas as well as few exchanges such as Serdang exchange,Puchong exch,Bukit Jalil
exch.& Sri Petaling exch. AND MSC has 10 exchanges.which include Cyber Jaya 2,Putra Jaya etc.
For the past one week we rather experience different working enviroment and new places that we never experience before.
This is really a challenge of life since working in Telekom some many many years ago.
My job function is to learn how to prepare Masterplan for HSBB FTTH, VDSL 2 & ETTH.assiting them to put fibre in the LNMS system.
and locate the areas that required HSBB homepass ( to list the HSBB project description etc..)
We start from TMTC every early morning 6.30am and reach home almost 9 – 10 pm at night.(very tiring & long hrs job)
Pray for ability to withstand long working hrs & severe working condition away from home.
When we used to this kind of life then we can feel the time fly.
After working 12 days in KL we came back to Kuching for Hari Raya break.
I will be returned to KL on 28.9 for another new session. 
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Games Carnival TM 2009 (Kuantan Pahang) 30.7 – 2.8.09

This is the Sport Season for Telekom Staff this year.
The Sport Carnival was held in the East Coast State of Pahang and the venue is De Rhu Beach Resort some 18 Km from Kuantan.
The games included Ping Pong ,Bowling ,Badminton ,Beach football & volleyball ,Sepak Takraw ,Dart, Netball & Joggerton.
The event I am participated is Bowling – this is the game with plenty of fun & joys for both bowlers and audiences.
All 14 regions participated in this event and even there is VIP’s bowling for the Top Manangement of TM.
We stayed in De Rhu Beach Resort, some in Duta beach resort & VIP in Swiss Inn Beach Resort.
Some 1200 participated came to gather and competed in this annual games to be held at Town which have facilities for beach events.
Though this year our bowling team didn’t win any prize but we have a great moment in Kuantan Mega mall’ Mega lane Bowling centre.
But Sarawak team had captured Champion in Dart, 3rd placing in Badminton and Sepak Takraw. Congratulations to those who had suceeded.and others try again next year.
On 30.7.09 We arrived at Terminal LCC Sepang and it took us 5 hours to reach Kuantan , Capital of State of Pahang through Karak Highway and East Coast Highway.
This is my 9 times participated in Games Carnival organised by Telekom. Previously I had been to Lumut (Beah resort) of Perak in 2008, Port Dickson of Negri Sembilan in 2007, Skudai(UTM) oF Johor in 2004, Sintok (UUM)of Kedah in 2002, Bangi (UTN) of Selangor in 2000, Lumut (Navy base) of Perak in 1998 , Shah Alam (Mara) of Selangor,   and KL (at Hotel) in early 1990’s.
I was playing Ping Pong all the way except this year in Kuantan and 2007 playing bowling in Seremban. – just to recall my memories.
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Meet Old Friends/colleagues in Miri

Last Week I was given the chance to attend a course "MSAN 4 On Site Training " in Miri (15.7 – 18.7.2009.)
This is my second time within two months travelling to Miri. Last trip was end of May(27.5 – 29.7.2009) to attend a meeting- -SRR3 Workshop for ADSL
This time the journey was more colourful & fruitful as we are travelling with partner my colleague Bong KK. We stayed in Mega Hotel (the same as last trip)
My former coursemate Kua SJ came & fetched us to the Hotel.& invited us for a dinner at a local restaurant. We had a chatting hours recalling our time starting 80’s till now.We exchange views & ideas he told us his son was awarded scholarship study Mechanical Engineering in Toronto Canada. We wish him all the best in his studies & also can share the family’s joy.
Knowing that Kua SJ & his family had visited Melbourne for 3 weeks in Melbourne invited by his brother. I am planning to go to Syndey & Molbourne Australia.
I requested him to share the photos taken during the stay there. What a great shots I love the scenery there. As I am a Keen Traveller my next dreamland will be going there.
The course was conducted at RNO Office Pujut 7 Miri. I meet a few old friends Like Liew BS my KL DKE 9 coursemate.a few Bintulu & Sibu colleagues .
We have a great time during the course & we had  site visit to One MSAN ZTE LTG F401 at Permy Jaya.
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What a relief!

It’s sad to announce that my beloved father passed away peacefully at Lion Nursing Home on early morning 20th June 2009 after a short
illness.Admitted to Timberland Medical Centre on 16 th Feb and to General Hospital on 23 th Feb then diischarge from GH to Lion Nursing
Home 0n 19th May till he finished the journey on earth.
We all shocked by his departure but joy for his end of the suffering during his illness.
We all remembered the good & sweet memories with him during  his lifetime.
We all prayed  "May his soul rest in heaven with peace" Amen.
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父亲在五月十九日住进 Lion Nursing Home 已近一个月。
我们可以像以前一样一有空就去Lion Nursing Home 探望父亲。
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